oh, my little mockingbird sing;

The chosen is our hand, our fist, to let live some and crush the rest

Welcome to Aurora, a modest tribute to Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, a.k.a. Ashe, the strong-willed heroine of Square-Enix's masterpiece, Final Fantasy XII. This site stands to offer some insight into Ashe's character, her journey, her role in video game history, and my own thoughts on all those things. I hope you enjoy! Navigation can be found to the right.
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This should really go without saying, but this site contains a lot of unmarked spoilers for both Final Fantasy XII and Revenant Wings, so please beware if you haven't completed either game. Aurora is part of sun-cryst and is run by Michelle, so please feel free to email me with any questions or contributions. Finally, this site is best viewed with Firefox and a screen resolution above 800 x 600.
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