marquis ondore

A prominent figure in the game's politics, Marquis Halim Ondore IV is the ruler of the skycity of Bhujerba who feigns compliance with the Empire while supporting the resistance. It isn't clear if he and Ashe are related by blood or if he is merely a close family friend (Ondore calls Raminas "my dear friend"), but what matters is the fact that they have a definite familial relationship. Ashe refers to him as "Uncle" and Ondore mentions a time when he knew Ashe as a girl who "only wanted to be carried in her uncle's arms," so he and Ashe were obviously close at one time. Their bond seems to have been severed when Ondore was swayed by the Empire to announce Ashe's suicide after mediating Dalmasca's surrender negotiations. Ondore explains that Vayne meant "drive a wedge between them." He welcomes Ashe when she comes to him seeking aid after escaping from Ghis, but his attitude towards the resistance differs greatly from hers. Ashe would like to take an active approach and start making attempts to prove her birthright, but Ondore insists she stay in hiding with him until the time is right. Ashe, of course, argues that she can't just sit and wait, but Ondore refuses her wishes. It seems a little bit like he's treating her like a child, but given the odds Ashe faces, not to mention the fact that he's known her since childhood, it makes sense that wants to keep her safe and strike when the resistance is ready. Ashe doesn't appreciate this sort of treatment, nor does she like Ondore pretending to support the Empire, so she goes against his wishes and flies off for some dungeon crawling (and then some) after this meeting.

The princess' approach to taking down Vayne eventually conflicts with Ondore's resistance movement: he's amassed an anti-Imperial fleet and plans on gaining some Nethicite to fight a war with. As the battlefield hovers over Ivalice, Ashe and her friends attempt to enter the Bahamut and ask for the resistance fleet to back them up, but Ondore refuses, saying: "You are too rash! Your duties come after the battle is over!" He only complies when Vaan impersonates Larsa, stating that he is entering the Bahamut as well, which proves that Ondore still doesn't have that much faith in Ashe's fairly reckless methods. He's relieved when she emerges safe and sound, however, which indicates that her safety is probably his main concern. (He even worries about Balthier! Aww.)

king raminas

We don't see much of Ashe's father, King Raminas B'nargin Dalmasca, but we do get the impression that he was a successful ruler, devoted to peace and the prosperity of his kingdom, ultimately dying while trying to secure the former. There's little interaction between Raminas and Ashe within the game, but we do see his support of Rasler: he grants him a sword to fight with and offers a blessing before the prince goes off to war. Ashe is clearly distraught over her father's murder, perhaps not as much as Rasler's, but she's furious at the supposed Kingslayer when she meets him and defends Raminas' name when Judge Ghis insults the former king at one point.

king raithwall

"Legend says that Raithwall, a noble from a small country in Valendia, was granted a sword and magicite from the gods, and with these artifacts, a mission: to unify the land."
In actuality, King Raithwall was chosen to carry out the will of the Occuria, who granted him a Treaty Blade (The Sword of Kings) to cut the Dusk, Midlight, and Dawn Shards, thus giving the power of the gods (Nethicite) to man. This was actually less of an action to grant men power, but more of an action that allowed the Occuria to wield their power and influence through Raithwall. In the game, Raithwall is regarded as a powerful historical figure who united the lands of Ivalice, having formed the Galtean Alliance: the "Golden Age" which lasted for 400 years until his last direct descendents died out. Raithwall granted his blade to the Gran Kiltias, who sealed it in the Stilshrine of Miriam near Mt. Bur-Omisace. After his death, he was buried in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, with the Esper Belias (which he had defeated himself to become its master) guarding his tomb and the Dawn Shard sealed within. Raithwall's descendants began the royal lines of both Dalmasca and Nabradia; Dalmasca was given the Dusk Shard and Nabradia the Midlight Shard. Ashe finds out that Raithwall himself climbed the Pharos and cut shards from the Sun-Cryst; she finds herself walking in his footsteps, although she takes a different turn at the end.
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