Composed by mainly Hitoshi Sakimoto, FFXII's original score took a different turn from most FF soundtracks, which have been traditionally composed by Nobuo Uemastsu. I've heard people call the FFXII soundtrack one of the weakest in the series, but I'd have to disagree. I thought it was a varied, lively soundtrack that never got repetitive or boring, even when running around in dungeons (oh, Ridarana) for hours. I mean, come on, who didn't have the Lowtown theme stuck in their head for hours? Didn't the music in Zertian Caverns give you chills? Didn't running through Phon Coast feel epic? Anyway, I'm clearly a weirdo, and you can listen to some of the songs below. For sampling purposes only; please delete the file after 24 hours. You can buy the soundtrack here.
Download: Ashe's Theme - The Princess' Vision - Rebellion
There also exists a fan piano version of the soundtrack, which I really enjoy. Very soothing. And best of all, you can download it in its entirety for free here at! Check it out.

symphonic poem

Also composed for FFXII was the EP Symphonic Poem "Hope" by violinist Taro Hakase. Like the title suggests, the composition is a "symphonic poem" of sorts using pieces from the original soundtrack. I really like the composition; it seems to reflect the general feeling of the game in only a few minutes worth of music, if that makes any sense. You can sample one of the movements below. Again, for sampling purposes only. The album can be purchased here.
Download: 5th mov. Road of Hope~Refrain

kiss me goodbye

FFXII's vocal theme, "Kiss Me Goodbye," was composed by Nobuo Uetmatsu and performed by singer-songwriter Angela Aki. Both an English and Japanese version were produced. I can't say that ballads really appeal to me, but Aki does have a nice voice, so I find the song pretty enjoyable, if a bit cheesy. The song itself deals with the themes of love, loss memory, and letting go, and for that reason I think that it most strongly relates to Ashe out of all the game's characters. You can read the English and Japanese lyrics (plus a direct translation) here.
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