The majority of this site is based on my own observations and notes on FFXII and Revenant Wings (the English versions), with some thanks to a game script at gamefaqs because I have a terrible memory. Gameplay stats came from here. Interviews here and here were consulted for some developer information. Thanks goes to FF Wiki and the Bestiary transcripts for some game details. Thanks also to Chudah's Corner for info on the OST, Behind the Name for name info obviously, and Wikipedia for random bits of info on flowers, mythology, and other little details :P.
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Floating in the air with the stars of holy wars
I hope it never comes down again
Because hope grows greener than grass stains.
The current version of Aurora features textures from 99mockingbirds and mary-chan. Some lyrics are from Arcade Fire's song (Antichrist Television Blues). I wanted to try something different with this layout and the navigation, and I kinda like it. It's a little wide, but most of us are using widescreen resolutions by now, yes?
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